Exercise Physiology

Exercise Physiologists work to help improve health, fitness and the body’s performance through exercise.

They assess and implement a variety of exercise programs to assist with:

  • Group Exercise Classes
  • Personal Training
  • Sports specific performance programs
  • Flexibility, strength & conditioning
  • Cardiovascular fitness
  • Weight loss & dietary assistance
  • Injury prevention
  • Balance & falls prevention
  • Osteoporosis management

Having access to our exercise physiologists on-site enables us to provide the best possible team-oriented care for your problem.

Personal training sessions at Life Physio + Rehab are designed to suit your individual health and fitness goals whether it be from recreational to an elite athlete or as part of your general rehabilitation process.  We provide continual monitoring throughout each session and work in conjunction with our physiotherapists to provide the best training session for you while avoiding injury.

With a small gym and resistance training equipment on-site our personal training sessions offer a more personal environment for your safety, enjoyment and successful outcome.